Contract DSP software development

Video Decoder AVS

AVS video decoder decodes video stream according to AVS (called China AVS) specification. AVS decoder implements I, P and B slices decoding, vlc decoding, skip and direct picture prediction, weighted prediction, loop filtering. Field mode is not implemented.

AVS features:
  • Jizhun profile
  • Frame size 176x144 (QCIF), 352x288 (CIF) and 720x576
  • 3 cores Jass PSA Platform
  • Clock rate 60 MHz for decoding CIF 30 frame per second
  • Loop System Co. Ltd.
  • Improv Systems, Inc
  • 74ZE Engineering, Inc
  • Parabyte Co. Ltd.
  • Pulsar Group of companies
  • EasyPQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • NIC Test Electro
  • Telecomequipment