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Intrinsics for TI 55XX

Simulating of DSP software on PC is very useful and commonly used for target DSP development. As far as optimized DSP code always uses intrinsics, they should be implemented for PC. TI implements and give us intrinsics for 62XX and 64XX families, they are defined in SPRA616 and SPRAA75. Unfortunately, intrinsics for 55XX (and 54XX) families are not available.
Header file intrinsic.h implements most part of intrinsics for 55XX. The code is functional and was used in several projects for 5509A and 5510 DSP, but it is not desired to implement all functions for all conditions. Several integer data types: int16, uint16, int32, uint32, int40 are defined in the file. If COMPILER_MSVC is defined, then inline intrinsic functions are defined, otherwise no functions are defined.

Utilization of MATLAB graphic capability for DSP software development

For DSP software development, graphic representation of internal program data greatly simplify its interpretation and analyze. Most specialized DSP development IDEs, such as Code Composer Studio, have their own visualization function. But there are many reasons, to use general purpose PC development environment, such as MSVC, for DSP development. In such case, MATLAB graphic capability may be used. MATLAB is widely used for DSP algorithm modelling, it has various graphical functions designed for DSP data representation, its functions may be easily integrated with PC software.
Archive contains files matlab.c/.h implementing interface to MATLAB. It consists of following functions: plotArr - plot drawing, eyeDiag4 - eye diagram drawing, constDiag - constellation diagram drawing. This code works with MATLAB (R2006a), archive includes MATLAB header files and libraries.
Advantage of described method is simplified comparison of MATLAB model results with C/C++ algorithm result. On the other hand, MATLAB may significantly slow down developed software and lead to inconvenience in usage of MSVC debugger.

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Contract DSP software development
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