Contract DSP software development

About us

We are small company specialized in contract and offshore DSP software development in the area of modems and fax modems, speech processing, telephony, video compression and other telecommunication applications. Our company was founded in 2006, by several talented DSP software engineer. Presented projects and products was developed during this time. Before joining, each of us has about decade of DSP software development in various companies, specialized in DSP software and general telecommunication design and development.

Offshore development organization and small company size ensure cost-effective development. Strong theoretical knowledge in digital signal processing and great development experience ensure high-quality products. Well-considered development organization and good communication skills ensure reliable and stable operation.

We are young and growing company, actively collaborating with customers and looking for new areas of cooperation.

For further information, please contact us by email or
on Skipe Skype Me™!. Iliya Voronov,
Phone: +7 916 683 5103,
Address: 5-17-433, Gospitalniy val st.,
Moscow, 105094, Russia.
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