Contract DSP software development

3-phase Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer is designed for industrial 3-phase power monitoring and analysis. Analyzer fully conforms to IEC 61000-4-30 class A, IEC 61000-4-7 class I and EN 50160 standards.
Measured values:
  • Phase-to-neutral voltage, phase-to-phase voltage, current, frequency
  • Real, reactive and apparent power and energy
  • Harmonics (up to 50-th), inter-harmonics (up to 50-th), above-harmonics (2 to 9 kHz), sub-harmonic for voltage and current
  • Leading/lagging angle, true power factor, displacement power factor
  • Total harmonic distortions, crest factor, transformer derating factor, K-factor
  • Dip, swell and interruption detection
  • Voltage and current imbalance
  • Flicker

Measured values are aggregated for intervals of 3 seconds, 10 minutes and 2 hours, flagging is implemented. Analyzer compensates ADC offset and gain error, as far as CT linear distortion. Event detection and waveform capture is implemented, event thresholds are programmable.

Power Quality Meter hardware consists from analog and digital PCBs. Analog PCB consists from input divider with protection, filters, 2 AD7324 ADC, digital signal isolator and isolated power supply. Sampling rate is 100 kSPS for each of 8 channels, ENOBs (Effective Number of Bits) is 11.

Digital board consists from DSP TMS320VC5509A, serial FLASH, SDRAM, USB interface and RS-232/RS-485 interface and voltage regulator. In addition, it has real time clock, watch dog timer, reset generator, ADC to measure supply voltage and temperature sensor. Digital board has connector compatible to TI Cross-Platform Daughtercard interface to install external Ethernet interface and for future extensions.

The Quality Meter Algorithm is available in C source code for PC and optimized C code for TMS320C55XX platform; both versions are bit-exact. The Product is supplied with test bench, set of test vectors and integration example code.
Evaluation software for PC and test vectors are available on request.
PLC modem was developed for remote control of this Power Quality Analizer.

More detailed information about Power Quality Analizer are available in pdf format:
Developed Software Description
Nonreal-time Test Procedure
Serial Communication Protocol to communicate to device

  • Loop System Co. Ltd.
  • Improv Systems, Inc
  • 74ZE Engineering, Inc
  • Parabyte Co. Ltd.
  • Pulsar Group of companies
  • EasyPQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • NIC Test Electro
  • Telecomequipment