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PLC Modem

Power Line Communication is designed for half duplex data transmission through main power line. PLC Modem uses Spread Frequency Shift Keying (S-FSK) modulation in frequency range from 9 to 95 KHz, frequency of 0 and 1 may be programmed independently in specified range. PLC modem supports 300, 600 and 1200 bit/s data rates for 50 Hz power network and 360, 720 and 1440 bit/s data rates for 60 Hz. Modem provides packet data transmission in point to point or point to multipoint mode. At transmission, PLC modem inserts preamble and CRC, at reception it removes preamble and checks CRC.

PLC modem was designed as part of Power Quality Analyzer project, for remote reading of measurement results. PLC modem is tight integrated to Power Quality Metering algorithm, demodulator uses 12-bit 200 KSPS ADC samples. PLC modulator produce discreet logic signal, it should be filtered with op-amp filter to suppress parasitics.

PLC modem is available in C code, optimized for TI 55XX DSP platform, it may be easily ported other DSP platform ARM, Blackfin etc. Though PLC modem can hardly be used as independent device, it is good supplement for Power Quality Analyzer project.
PLC modem may be used for remote reading of power meters and power quality analyzers, telecontrol, data acquisition systems etc.
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