Contract DSP software development

Projects and Products


V.32 Modem datapump for TMS320C5500.
V.29 9600 bit/s Modem datapump for PC.
FM VFT Modem datapump V.23 and R.35, R.36, R.37.
PLC Modem.

Speech processing

Vocoder G.729 8 kbit/s CS-ACELP for TMS320C6400 platform.
Vocoder G.723 6.3/5.3 kbit/s MP-MLQ vocoder for TMS320C6400 platform.
Vocoder GSM EFR 12.2 kbit/s ACELP.

Video compression

Decoder H.264 for Jazz PSA platform, Baseline and Main profile, frame size up to 720x576.
Decoder AVS for Jazz PSA platform, Jizhun profile, frame size up to 720x576.


DTMF receiver/transmitter, robust detection speech.
Russian Caller ID receiver.
R1 and R2 receiver/transmitter.

Power Quality

3 phase Power Quality Analyser according to IEC 61000-4-7, IEC 61000-4-30 standards.
3 phase Power Quality Analyser according to Russian proprietary standard GOST 13109.
Protective Relay

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